Seattle AWS Architects & Engineers

Seattle AWS Architects & Engineers is a group organized to help AWS users in Seattle connect and expand knowledge and ideas about AWS. You can find out about events and register on meet up:


Alta Source Group

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Radical Software, Inc.

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Event: Mixpo’s Path to Hybrid Cloud and Redshift Integration

May 20th, 2014

Video by: Michael Ibarra


We are always looking for speakers! Presentations should be technical in nature and show members how to use AWS, explain best practices, or show cutting edge solutions being developed on AWS. Find out what members are interested in hearing about by reviewing member profiles on Meet Up. Some topics include distributed architecture, scalability, best practices, databases, security and service specific topics.

Members who want to give short presentations at AWS events are welcome to do so. If we have enough members we can do a full meet up of member presentations, 10-15 minutes, or members can present before our main presentation.

If you are speaking at a Seattle AWS Architects & Engineers event, please refer to the following for more information:

Information for Speakers